Innocent Blood

Director: John Landis
Year Released: 1992
Rating: 2.0

The comedy-horror film always seemed tricky to pull off (in my view): excessive gore and scare tactics detract rather than add from the humor element (that's not saying horror movies can't be funny - some of the cheaper ones are, unintentionally). That's but one of the problems in Landis' over-the-top-and-then-some vampire film, about a lanky French bloodsucker (why French? why not?) and her taste for Italian men (what can I say, we must be a delectable race). Landis' 'style' is to more or less let everyone go on a rampage, which while not always fun to watch had to have been fun to make - there's plenty of nudity (courtesy of the lovely Anne Parillaud), explosions, stereotypical cops, stereotypical mobsters (mangia!) and special effects to distract the viewer from the incoherent script. My favorite bit? Paramedic Dario Argento rubbing Don Rickles' head.