Dog Days

Director: Ulrich Seidl
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 0.5

Contemptible medley of various undesirables in Austria during a painfully hot stretch in the summer: the men torture the women while the women simply exist to be tortured and exploited. I haven't seen this disgusting a worldview since Todd Solondz: the individuals were reportedly nonprofessionals handpicked by Seidl, who puts grotesque people in front of the camera (mentally retarded women, sex parlor workers, the morbidly obese) to be laughed at or to watch being abused. The 'bigger purpose' to this sarcasm-fest is elusive (people are dogs, I suppose), and the sheer idea that the heat is what's causing their ill behavior cannot be taken seriously - at least when I'm hot, I lock myself inside and become acquainted with the air conditioner and a glass of mint julep.