The Dreamlife of Angels

Director: Erick Zonka
Year Released: 1998
Rating: 2.0

Erick Zonca's feature film debut is a tale of two lost souls who find each other and become friends. One of them meets and falls in love with a man who uses her for his sexual purposes; the other spends her days painting, working odd-jobs and going to the hospital to visit a girl in a coma (she owns the apartment the two friends are living in). The title is purposely ironic: these girls aren't angels, and their life is hardly pleasant. Zonca is trying to say that the poor are miserable because they can't live the extravagant lifestyle they dream of, but there are a lot of rich people out there who aren't exactly happy, either. Agn├Ęs Varda's Vagabond takes a similar theme and handles it better.