Dark Star

Director: John Carpenter
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 0.5

Mock sci-fi film about a group of space travelers sent to blow up various useless stars that looks like it was shot in someone's basement (not that I have anything against movies shot in people's basements). Because of the shoestring budget, the main 'alien' that Dan O'Bannon has to do battle with is an inflated beach ball with feet, and the 'special effects' appear to be cardboard cutouts against a generic space backdrop. Has a strong following, but I found hardly anything in it to celebrate - its really dry humor had no effect on me (and for a comedy, there aren't many jokes), and the only memorable sequence is the absurd conversation a crew member has with a misguided bomb that's determined to explode and take out the ship and everyone in it. I'd rather watch the bloated but charming Spaceballs instead.