The Isle

Director: Kim Ki-Duk
Year Released: 2000
Rating: 2.5

Young mute woman who operates the boat at a strange Fuckin' 'n Fishin' retreat - men on small rafts spend their time catching fish and entertaining ladies (often at the same time) - falls for a killer on the run from the law; they take turns kicking and stabbing each other as a part of some mutual sadomasochistic game. It sounds ridiculous, and probably is, but director Kim Ki-Duk's high-art approach elevates the material somewhat to keep the story both mysterious and perverse: both man and woman hate themselves and find solace in the need to inflict harm on themselves and each other. Accusations of misogyny aren't misguided, but no one - neither the sex crazed men or flighty women - are made to look at all pleasant.