I'm Going Home

Director: Manoel de Oliveira
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 3.0

Morose little picture about the end of a great actor's career and (eventually) life made all the better by Michel Piccoli's strong lead performance, which compensates considerably for de Oliveira's trademark rigid direction. What could have become sappy and monotonous is instead full of pride and pleasurable little moments, like Piccoli's treating himself to shoes (which get stolen by a crazed thug) and playing with his grandson. I panicked during the first ten minutes that with the Shakespearean monologues regarding death - that foul beast! - and cheap stage production it was going to be a long ride (i.e. The Convent), but de Oliveira handles it all nicely, and for the most part Piccoli's character lets his problems roll off his shoulders.