Director: Andrew Fleming
Year Released: 1999
Rating: 2.5

So-so parody of the Watergate scandal: Dan Hedaya plays Nixon and Dunst and Williams play his two "official White House dog keepers" who were assigned that position after Nixon, Dean and Kissinger all found out that they were in the Watergate hotel while the infamous break-in occurred. In a funny twist, they get upset with Dick and rat him out to Woodward and Bernstein, who are portrayed as two bumbling fools. Some of it's quite amusing (the social satire stuff isn't always successful, but sometimes it works) but other parts are really, really pathetic (the repeated dick jokes, the silly antics of the girls ... so much so that it missed being recommendable by a hair (Will Ferrell and Bruce McCulloch are standouts as the Washington Post writers). Nixon actually got better treatment in the Oliver Stone film.