Our Man Flint

Director: Daniel Mann
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 2.5

Although this Bond spoof picture - starring James Coburn - is nothing special in terms of content, the late 80's, 90's and recent Bond films wish they were as creative and freewheeling - Brosnan's portrayal became stale about half-way through Goldeneye, but truly gifted actor James Coburn has a good idea how to play the part (that is, totally tongue-in-cheek and with a minute amount of effort). I like some of the quirkiness - the anti-American eagle, the 'bad guys' who are pacifists (and more likeable than the good guys), the bouillabaisse (!) - and the 60's color scheme is nice, though if the Flint character is a feminist (he 'deprograms' the women that are told they are 'pleasure units'), why does he keep his own little harem? On the strength of Coburn's performance, I'll take it over De Broca's That Man From Rio or the over-rated Austin Powers.