The Living Dead Girl

Director: Jean Rollin
Year Released: 1982
Rating: 1.0

Not much of a story - or substance - here, just the Dracula narrative rehashed - and with women - into stylized art-gore. Rollin's goal isn't to be scary, and the film isn't sexy, so it's ultimately disposable - there are nude women, but they're usually drenched in blood, and the few moments of gore are viewed more as a curiosity than something that should provide an emotional response (it's as if everything's in a Euro-horror aquarium to be gawked at by the patrons). Rollin has a good grasp on composition and has seen some (if not most) of the Hammer Films - his blood tone is the same bright (almost fluorescent) red, and most of the actresses have hour-glass figures - but with the somnambulant pacing and laughable story structure it's strictly for horror-film buffs.