Persona Non Grata

Director: Oliver Stone
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 2.0

Complaining because this documentary by Stone features Stone prominently is ridiculous - the man is listed in the credits as one of the "Stars" in the film, along with countless Israeli leaders and Arafat (sort of). Oliver makes no attempts to hide off-screen, and like with his fiction films, this is entirely his take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What is wrong with this (brief) nonfiction film is how late the film crew is for the 'party,' that started at 4 but they're popping in at midnight, and the main individual everyone wanted to see (Arafat) left hours ago and is fast asleep. The Israeli leaders line up to answer all questions willingly (Barak shows the kind of arrogance you want to slap out of someone), and some of the Palestinian radical groups (Hamas and others) meet with the American filmmaker and share their views, but despite the inherent drama (during one interview, there's a suicide attack less than a mile away), Stone fails to uncover anything new.