Old School

Director: Todd Phillips
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.0

Simply awful, or, awful in so many ways it's pointless to go into a whole lot of detail - most offensive is Phillips' failure to come to grips with reality, deciding, in the end, that it's better to be a man-child/hedonist than to actually 'settle down' with 'one pussy' (sweet God! how limiting!) ... but it refuses to go the opposite way, treating Juliette Lewis' kinkiness as something disgusting and obscene (Leah Remini is left alone because she seems resigned to her role as a nonjudgmental Mother). Gets some unexpected laughs from Craig Kilborn and the scene-stealing Will Ferrell - saving it from being a total failure - but since a lot of the jokes are so obvious and set-ups so old (the teenage nymph-being-the-boss'-daughter, the fat African American kid, the old man-about-to-die, the thin Indian lad) you should see most of the punch lines ahead of time. Actually a step-down in its 'worldview' than Road Trip, and you never expect that to happen....