Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Director: George Clooney
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 0.0

Chuck Barris seems like an intelligent, interesting, perhaps humorous guy, so why couldn't Clooney and Charlie Kaufman make anything of his open-ended autobiography? This film is nothing short of a total dis-as-tah, a tiresome, one-trick pony that's still marveling at its own absurdity in the late goings ... that is, until Kaufman decides to take the whole thing seriously, and then spout nonsense philosophy about how Barris 'wasted his life.' Drew Barrymore's character keeps bouncing back (literally and figuratively) for more abuse from Sam Rockwell's miscast charlatan when any self-respecting woman would have walked away, the cinematographer goes overboard in trying to get artsy with the filters and saturation, Clooney's "trick" of moving the camera away from a scene and then panning back only to have the scenery change is an annoying gimmick better left to Raul Ruiz, and George's obvious interest in Rockwell in the buff is highly suspicious.