Undercover Brother

Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 0.5

Embarrassingly bad - what seems to be wrong with comedies these days is that all the good jokes are either (a.) hard to come by, or (b.) used up by sitcoms (like it or not, The Simpsons and Will & Grace - a show I completely object to on so many levels - both contain more good laughs in twenty two minutes than this does in ninety). Almost every shot at humor has something to do with race - white people are this, black people are that, etc etc. - and few seem genuinely original or timely ("Who let the dogs out" was over before it got started). Dave Chappelle is the only one with any half-decent material (his stand-up act is also worth seeing), but Chris Kattan's scene chewing is just deplorable.