Micki + Maude

Director: Blake Edwards
Year Released: 1984
Rating: 2.5

This Blake Edwards 'screwball' comedy would have been outstanding if only I believed a single second of it; Edwards wants the film to be realistic and at the same time fanciful and free wheeling, yet this mixture doesn't turn out the most consistent or remotely plausible results. Dudley Moore's performance is magical - he was also very good in "10" (which I also had qualms with) - and his character, though making some questionable decisions (or, more accurately, failing to make proper decisions at all), never seems mean-spirited or malicious ... he's cheating on the woman he loves with another woman, and yet you never think of it as cheating at all because he never thinks of it as cheating. It answers the question of "Can a man love multiple women equally?" with a brazen, "Yes ... but is it worth the hassle?"