Director: Adrian Lyne
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 1.0

What a contrived disaster: Diane Lane and her would-be lover (why French? why a book dealer?) meet during a wind storm – yeah, a wind storm; I was expecting a flying cow at any time – sparking interest in her (married with children is boring if proper) but also causing her to battle her own conscience in several drawn-out, faux-poetic moments, after which Eros wins out and she willingly submits to the book dealer's nonexistent charm (interesting fact: having your ass pound against the stall in a restaurant bathroom will fail to draw any attention from the patrons). Deserves a little bit of credit for the performances – Lane and husband Richard Gere are at their (respective) peak – but otherwise drawn-out, shallow and unbelievable (what would you have done with the snow globe? and isn't there 'no such thing' as a perfect murder?).