Lilo & Stitch

Director: Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 1.5

Disney apparently read the articles in Time about troubled kids without parents (they aren't divorced in this one, though – too much explanation for that and death is more convenient) and centered their new animated film around a problem child raised by her older sister, saying that the cure for her problems is the lack of 'family,' which they pound you upside the face with multiple times (wasn't that also the message behind Ice Age?). Adorably unpleasant Stitch is the sole reason to watch this, however, and amidst the Family Values/Disney Channel junk the pre-civilized blue monster is a total riot, pushing over people who try to help him and relishing being a total bastard; the movie's best moments are when it's just him tearing up the world (he even builds San Francisco out of books and boxes only to trample over it) and worst when the screenplay loses its way and 'cures' him with love and honor. I think Disney should donate him to Pixar so he can really be let loose.