Jackass: The Movie

Director: Jeff Tremaine
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 2.5

Gonzo moviemaking similar to the Mondo pictures – a pastiche of scenes of shock and frat-esque rowdiness, although lurking somewhere beneath the gags and wackiness is some sort of latent homosexuality (it's a male-centered world for a strictly male audience) and a revulsion at 'being human' (the body is something to be punched, kicked, burned, tattooed, cut open, etc etc. and its natural functions, like pissing, shitting, bleeding and ejaculating are to be giggled at). It would take MTV to fund such a venture (they were also behind Tom Green's Freddy Got Fingered) and, of course, film critics and other noble-minded types to trash it, but the movie knows it's idiotic and a novelty, and as far as novelties go it's far better than a lot of the other things we've been pushed (Survivor, Fear Factor) where they try to disguise it all as a game show, and the contestants are doing it to 'win prizes.' This collection of stunts and jokes (not to mention the TV episodes) is Fight Club come to life.