Femme Fatale

Director: Brian De Palma
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 2.0

Could have been called Destiny Turned Off the Logic. Stunning De Palma-style opening (at Cannes 2001), typical De Palma plotting thereafter (if you want, you can safely leave after the 'Seven Years Later' part - it all goes downhill from there) in which there are double-crosses and numerous 'Ha Ha Fooled You' surprises. Rebecca Romjin-Stamos gets to say things like "You don't have to lick my ass, just fuck me" (prompting extreme giggles) and Banderas turns into Carmen Miranda; when the rug is pulled out from under you, you either go along with it or pull out your hair clump by clump because of the coincidental idiocy (that's what I did - I was also murmuring 'De Palma didn't just do that' over and over). For maximum enjoyment, stop thinking; turn off the volume and just watch. The man would have made a great silent film director, because dialogue and acting have never been his forte.