A Hard Day's Night

Director: Richard Lester
Year Released: 1964
Rating: 2.0

As much as I like the Beatles' albums, I can't find much to appreciate in their films - in this, their most celebrated picture, they're en route to a televised performance when things go quickly astray. The boys from Liverpool are viewed as being snide and self-interested, while those who encourage them to be conventional or think they know what's 'gear' (but in actuality are clueless) are quickly rebuffed. In fact, most of the people surrounding the band (their hardnosed manager, Paul's Grandfather, the narcissistic TV director) are either 'squares' or outright idiots, so whenever Ringo, Paul, George or John mock them, it's because they 'obviously' deserve it. Undeniably had an impact on MTV and today's cinema, which should be taken into account.