The Wind Will Carry Us

Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Year Released: 1999
Rating: 3.0

A miracle, really - and I'm not saying that the movie is among the greatest ever made, but after my raging fury at Taste of Cherry, I was under the impression I would never tolerate any other Kiarostami picture. But truth is, I really liked this film, which moves along, features some miraculous photography - Kiarostami has quite an eye on him; why switch to DV then? - and is an intricate allegory about communication (and the lack there-of). I'm still not sure what all of it means - the director himself is always quiet about possible meanings - and at one point the technophile in me started wondering what kind of service plan the main character had for his cell phone, but I came away from it all feeling refreshed and pleased, which is good enough for me.