Director: Quentin Dupieux
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 2.5

Night watchman Yannick (Raphaël Quenard) interrupts a play called "The Cuckold" that's being performed by Paul Rivière (Pio Marmaï), Sophie Denis (Blanche Gardin) and William Keller (Sébastien Chassagne) and claims it isn't making him happy, he's asked to leave but returns with a loaded pistol, leaps on stage and insists on writing something else the crowd might enjoy.  While Quenard's disgruntled patron is delightfully unhinged and quite funny, I feel like director Dupieux, who's been known for creating absurdist comedies with reasonable running times (this runs a little over an hour) could have gone further with the premise, which begins by asking questions about the responsibilities writers, directors and performers have to "please" their audience ... but then loses interest in exploring that dynamic and the gendarmerie intervene.  Instead of causing a ruckus, poor Yannick should have walked out and written a nasty review on the Internet.