Leave the World Behind

Director: Sam Esmail
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.5

On a whim, Amanda (Julia Roberts) decides to take her college professor husband Clay (Ethan Hawke) and their two children Rose (Farrah Mackenzie) and Archie (Charlie Evans) on vacation to Long Island where she rented a house to stay at - while there, the power goes out, an oil tanker crashes onto a beach, planes fall from the sky and then a mysterious man named G.H. Scott (Mahershala Ali) shows up with his daughter Ruth (Myha'la) claiming he owns the home and has a right to stay there.  This has director Esmail, who created the acclaimed show Mr. Robot, working in familiar territory with a focus on technology and cybersecurity, except for being a movie involving some kind of apocalypse (it purposely never gets specific) it doesn't seem quite as frantic as it should have been (although the scene with the rogue self-driving Teslas is fairly tense) and is a tad too keen on blandly philosophizing about various current topics (disconnection from our fellow humans, Emperor 45's "divide and conquer" policies, etc.) and referencing the COVID-19 lockdowns.  Almost none of it comes to a satisfactory conclusion for any of the characters ... with the exception of little weirdo Rose, who finds bliss in a high-tech shelter with snacks and a rather extensive library of physical media.