D.C. Cab

Director: Joel Schumacher
Year Released: 1983
Rating: 1.5

Enthusiastic (but naïve) Albert (Adam Baldwin) goes to the nation's capital to work for a taxi company owned by his father's war buddy Harold (Max Gail) and becomes an apprentice for several of his employees including unhinged Dell (Gary Busey), musician/philosopher Baba (Bill Maher), spastic Tyrone (Charlie Barnett) and burly Samson (Mr. T) ... but Harold owes the bank a lot of money, their rivals from Emerald Cab are pesky and then Albert and an ambassador's children get kidnapped.  I recognize that it wants to be this madcap comedy (perhaps like Spielberg's 1942) but the first two acts are so episodic it just seems ditzy and hastily assembled, so when it finally gets to the abduction part it starts to focus ... a little.  It's too frivolous for me, but the humor apparently worked for the people of Poland and Turkey, who probably think this is how Americans regularly behave.  That said, I could see some screenwriter attempting a modern update of this, only involving Lyft and Uber drivers scrambling around town (maybe there will even be a missing violin).  Also, "don't let your dick run your life" is decent advice for a measly quarter....