Escape From L.A.

Director: John Carpenter
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 2.0

The City of Angels has apparently become even more decadent than usual and the government has transformed it into a huge prison, so when both Utopia (A.J. Langer), the daughter of the U.S. President (Cliff Robertson), and a powerful weapon called the "Sword of Damocles" go missing, perpetually incarcerated "Snake" Plissken (Kurt Russell) is forced to sneak into L.A., retrieve the device and kill Utopia.  Although it comes across as a mediocre facsimile of the original with some clunky plot devices (and the special effects haven't aged well, with that surfing scene looking pretty ugly), it's still reasonably entertaining for an action movie, and Russell liked playing the character so much he wrote part of the screenplay.  In an interview, Carpenter said he thinks it's "ten times better" than the first ... but I'd wager that was after chugging a case of Budweiser.