Good Burger 2

Director: Phil Traill
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 2.0

Oh boy, here's the sequel we didn't know we needed or were going to get: failed entrepreneur Dexter (Kenan Thompson) - who owes a lot of people money (including Mark Cuban) - has to go back and work at the Good Burger with his long-time pal Ed (Kel Mitchell) who, as it turns out, owns the place ... and then Dex convinces him to sell it to the ethically-challenged MegaCorp (run by Jillian Bell).  Just like the first movie, there's a nice little message in there for the kids warning them about the dangers of automating food production (as well as corporate greed) and while it's deeply committed to being silly - Kel relishes playing the ditz (and can still do the voice!) - it was more endearing when both leads were teenagers and not 45 years old (and already been through one divorce).  If they do decide to do a third picture in another three decades, it better be set in outer space ... and maybe then Linda Cardellini can make an appearance as a psychotic grandmother and astronaut.