Director: Mark Jenkin
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 0.0

Martin (Edward Rowe), a fisherman from Cornwall, is trying to raise enough money to purchase his own boat after his brother Steven (Giles King) uses their father's vessel to haul tourists around and then he fights with wealthy Tim Leigh (Simon Shepherd) and his wife Sandra (Mary Woodvine), who have bought up properties in the area and are renting them out.  The combination of grainy and scratchy black-and-white photography (supposedly shot with a Bolex) and stiff "acting" seems like it wants to mimic the early Soviet masters but the aesthetic is terribly affected, there are too many random close-ups of various objects (hands, food, sea life) and it's also needlessly drawn out considering the lack of anything remotely substantial to say.  Some have applauded it for what they believe is a critical look at small town politics and gentrification in England ... but honestly that's happening in more than a few places, especially in the United States: take a peek at how Brooklyn, Philly and New Orleans have "changed" over time.