The Marsh King's Daughter

Director: Neil Burger
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.5

When she was a youngster, Helena (Brooklynn Prince) lived in a secluded cabin in northern Michigan where her father Jacob (Ben Mendelsohn) taught her survival skills but she eventually comes to the realization both her and her mother (Caren Pistorius) are actually being held hostage; as an adult (Daisy Ridley), with a husband (Garrett Hedlund) and daughter (Joey Carson) of her own, she's informed by the authorities that Jacob has escaped from prison and she becomes paranoid he's coming after them.  This is based on the book by Karen Dionne and it seems to be fodder for the Lifetime channel: Helena has to literally "revisit" her childhood home and then "resolve" her long-standing trauma (which is represented by the tattoos he used to give her) by going out with Pop in the woods (and then shooting him in the head).  Ridley is fine in the lead, but casting Mendelsohn as the Bad Dad is smart: he's had a wide variety of roles over the years, but I think he's at his best playing menacing figures.