Full Time

Director: √Čric Gravel
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.5

Single mother Julie (Laure Calamy), who's the head chambermaid at a five-star hotel, is really up against it: the woman she asks to watch her two children keeps complaining and doesn't want to do it anymore, there's a lot of bickering at her place of employment, her ex-husband hasn't sent support payments (and the bank won't stop calling), she's trying to get a better job but has difficulty finding the time to go to interviews ... and while all this is happening, there's a strike going on in France that's making it tough to travel.  I'm not positive, but I imagine this was influenced by the films of Josh and Benny Safdie with the frantic pacing and pulsating electronic score (by Irène Drésel): Julie wakes up at the crack of dawn to face constant hardships, and I appreciate movies focused on struggling working class individuals.  That being said, it does seem like she has managed to overcomplicate her own life with some of the decisions she's made ... and more details regarding labor disputes in the country would have been nice.  At least it concludes with a note of optimism for her and to that I can only say ... whew.