The Creator

Director: Gareth Edwards
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.0

A nuclear bomb is detonated in Los Angeles by not-so-friendly artificial intelligence and as a response the Western nations ban the technology ... except the New Asia region does not, so the U.S. Army recruits Sgt. Joshua Taylor (John David Washington) to find a superweapon ("Alpha-O") that a mysterious entity called "Nirmata" (Gemma Chan) is planning on using against a sprawling space station (the USS Nomad), but what he actually finds is a little girl robot (Madeleine Yuna Voyles) that needs to be protected.  The visuals and effects are very crisp (they made good use of the $80 million budget) but it's largely an unimaginative amalgamation of almost every other sci-fi movie they could swipe bits and pieces from, including the Star Wars franchise (Edwards directed Rogue One), Ex Machina, Starship Troopers (only not as cheeky), District 9 (but without the politics) and I'm sure at least two dozen others.  It would be quite ironic if some sort of AI software was used to assemble the "script," because its attempt at an emotional ending needed more of a human touch.