Director: Joe D'Amato
Year Released: 1980
Rating: 0.5

A group of tourists in Italy have a chance encounter with a young lady named Julie (Tisa Farrow) and they all decide - despite an ominous tarot card reading - to sail to a remote island with few residents and discover there's a cannibal (George Eastman) lurking around looking for victims.  For being a cult item with a rather notorious reputation (it was listed as a "video nasty" in the United Kingdom), little interesting happens for roughly fifty minutes into the "story," so the audience is left with a wacky electronic score, terrible (dubbed) dialogue, crummy effects and shoddy "acting."  Gore fanatics might want to take a peek, however, if only for the scenes where the flesh-eater rips a fetus out of a pregnant woman and chews on it (it was actually a skinned rabbit) ... and later feasts on his own intestines.  Both, I imagine, are still preferable to anything from Hardee's.