Enys Men

Director: Mark Jenkin
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.5

A woman (Mary Woodvine) lives on an island (off the coast of Cornwall, England) testing the soil and recording her "observations," drops rocks into a well, reads the book A Blueprint for Survival ... and then notices lichen is spreading over the plants (and her own body) and starts "seeing" the ghosts of miners, sailors and singing children.  It was shot using 16mm film to replicate the horror movies of the 1970's (which is when it's set) so it has a nice gritty look to it, but it's unfortunately a vapid and unsatisfying viewing experience: all the individual shots of nature and "lore" never come together in a cohesive manner.  What also doesn't help is that Woodvine's character says very little and not much is known about her or why she's volunteering to be there.  Jenkin said it took him three days to write it - next time, he should try another three more to re-write it.  And then another three.  And so on....