Director: João Pedro Rodrigues
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 2.0

Concerned with the forest fires raging in his native Portugal, Prince Alfredo (Mauro da Costa) informs his royal parents he intends to become a firefighter - at the station, he's partnered with Afonso (André Cabral), the men recreate "famous paintings" for a calendar (that don't exist in reality), they run drills and Alfredo and Afonso have a tryst in the scorched woods.  Bringing up the controversial topic of global warming couldn't be more timely - this summer, wildfires from Canada turned the American Northeast orange and, as I'm writing this (it's mid-August of 2023), the island of Maui is ablaze - but unfortunately this film is too brief (running a slim 67 minutes) and scattershot to truly delve into any particular subject (he also brings up his country's sketchy colonial past and the COVID-19 pandemic).  Rodrigues has an active imagination and a prankster's spirit (penises as national landmarks?), but he needs to find a way to make something ... less flighty.