9½ Weeks

Director: Adrian Lyne
Year Released: 1986
Rating: 1.0

Wall Street broker John Gray (Mickey Rourke) "actively pursues" gallery owner Elizabeth McGraw (Kim Basinger) and turns her into his personal "slave," spanking her, giving her orders, forcing her to dress in drag, hiring an escort to touch her while blindfolded and so on, but this eventually becomes too excessive for her to emotionally handle and she leaves.  It's based on the memoir by Ingeborg Day (understandably written using a pseudonym) and apparently the most "unnerving" material was trimmed, but to me it's still tiresome and unsexy (although the rain scene is well-shot) and Lyne cares considerably more about their bodies than their brains.  Since this was made during the Reagan years, the finance obsessive in me is curious what John's arbitrage strategies were and how he became so successful, but this isn't that kind of movie....