Corner Office

Director: Joachim Back
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.0

Orson (Jon Hamm) starts his new job with a government office ("The Authority Inc.") and uncovers a "special room" where "everything is in the right place" and he can do exemplary work, but all his fellow employees "see" is him staring at a wall so they force him to talk to a psychiatrist - later, he tries showing receptionist Alyssa (Sarah Gadon) this secret chamber, but she doesn't believe him either.  Everywhere I look I notice this listed as a "comedy" which is strange because none of it is even slightly humorous - if anything, it's a failed attempt at surrealism, and if Orson truly believes there's a "magical lounge," he needs to be medicated with a strong dose of antipsychotics.  I'm also not sure what it's trying to say about "corporate culture" aside from the fact that it is impersonal and sterile ("Think About the Floor"), but that's already common knowledge.  Since there are more words said through voice-over than with actual dialogue, perhaps it should have just been an audiobook....