Joy Ride

Director: Adele Lim
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.0

American attorney Audrey (Ashley Park), her childhood friend (and "translator") Lolo (Sherry Cola) and Lolo's cousin Deadeye (Sabrina Wu), travel to Beijing to close a business deal with Chao (Ronny Chieng), meet up with Audrey's promiscuous old classmate Kat (Stephanie Hsu) and try to track down Audrey's biological mother but, of course, things go terribly wrong very quickly.  It tries to follow the Bridesmaids template with the eccentric characters always getting into trouble along with the "jokes" involving sex, drugs and barfing (not to mention an unfortunately placed tattoo), except the timing is completely off and the sight gags are cringeworthy.  There is a relevant point touched on in this regarding "identity" and how a person's inner world can be greatly disturbed upon learning about one's own past - in the case, Audrey finds out she's not actually of Chinese descent but Korean - but that gets glossed over in favor of puerile antics.  It's an embarrassing project for most involved ... with the exception of Daniel Dae Kim's brief (but noble) appearance as a widower.