Little Darlings

Director: Ronald F. Maxwell
Year Released: 1980
Rating: 1.5

Upper-class Ferris (Tatum O'Neal) and lower-class Angel (Kristy McNichol) are both sent to Camp Little Wolf (in Georgia) where their fellow females set up a contest as to which of them can lose their virginity first - Ferris chooses significantly older Mr. Callahan (Armand Assante) to "seduce" while Angel opts for dopey Randy (Matt Dillon).  Even though this was written by two female screenwriters, it's strange to see the young ladies behave like boys (stealing a school bus and condoms, getting into food fights, talking about sex constantly) and the movie fluctuates between being a light comedy and "serious" drama (McNichol's post-coital scene is too good for this).  The "message" is conservative in tone: perhaps it's best to wait for the right situation and not try to force matters, because you might regret it.  Also, the old statistic that "a man reaches his sexual peek at 17" is brought up ... does that mean with himself and a box of tissues?