Director: Lukas Dhont
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 3.5

Thirteen-year-olds Léo (Eden Dambrine) and Rémi (Gustav De Waele) are extremely tight-knit buddies who sometimes sleep in the same bed with each other, but once they go to school and their peers make comments wondering whether they're "in a relationship," Léo tries to distance himself which upsets the super-sensitive Rémi ... and then something tragic happens.  This could have quickly slipped out of control into shamelessness and hysteria but Dhont pulls off a wonderful balancing act, and the result is genuinely poignant: after his friend's passing, Léo goes about his life, continues playing ice hockey, attends class and helps his parents with their farm acting like he's "fine" ... but also experiences nocturnal enuresis and struggles to communicate with Rémi's grieving mother Sophie (Émilie Dequenne).  What makes it even more memorable is Dambrine's lead performance (it's a star-making role): when he brings new friend Baptiste (Léon Bataille) over for a sleepover and glances at at him, he realizes it "feels" different.  Broken bones heal easier (and faster) than emotional wounds....