Sympathy for the Devil

Director: Yuval Adler
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.0

A man named David Chamberlain (Joel Kinnaman) drives to the hospital in Las Vegas to visit his wife who's in labor (and had lost a child in the past), but a stranger (Nicolas Cage) jumps in the backseat and forces him at gunpoint to travel to Boulder City - on the way there, the passenger kills a cop and torments the employees and patrons of a diner ... but David might have a big secret he's been hiding the entire time.  With a plot loosely cobbled together from other movies and an uncreative "twist," there isn't much to it with the exception of Cage, possibly paying homage to the late John McAfee, given free reign to gnaw on the upholstery and act menacing (when not regularly taking swigs from his flask) and there's some nice nighttime imagery of the Strip.  The dialogue is mostly banal, but here's a basic line worth keeping in mind for all you stubborn optimists out there: "Sometimes, the worst is exactly what you should assume."