Penn & Teller Get Killed

Director: Arthur Penn
Year Released: 1989
Rating: 1.0

Magician Penn Jillette, on a talk show with his gifted (but literally silent) partner Teller, openly states that he "wishes" an individual would attempt to kill him and so, while staying in Atlantic City with their manager Carlotta (Caitlin Clarke) and doing their act, someone does try to take him out ... sort-of.  The story (written by the duo) plays around with the whole "are they truly in danger or is it all just a trick" concept - since they're fond of pranking each other and well-known for their deceptive tactics - but whatever appeal that was supposed to have wears thin quickly, and it doesn't help that Penn can be a little over-emphatic and Teller doesn't speak.  They do stay true to themselves with the conclusion, however, which really is as bleak a joke you can make.  I cannot stress this enough: if you find yourself in Las Vegas and have an opportunity to see the two of them at the Rio, do so ... it's an unforgettable experience.