About My Father

Director: Laura Terruso
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 0.0

Sebastian Maniscalco (playing "himself") wants to marry his artist girlfriend Ellie (Leslie Bibb) and goes on a weekend holiday with her and her extremely wealthy parents Bill (David Rasche) and Tigger (Kim Cattrall), but his father Salvo (Robert De Niro), a hairdresser from Sicily, insists on tagging along.  Although (very) loosely based on a true story, it tries to be this Meet the Parents clone where De Niro's barely-controlled blue collar rage is supposed to clash with the bourgeoisie, but it just feels derivative and irksome, hitting all-too-familiar beats.  This does a great disservice to the stand-up work by professional comedian Maniscalco, and I'd advise you to watch any one of his specials (if you haven't already) - I recommend starting with "What's Wrong With People?" and going on from there.