Phase IV

Director: Saul Bass
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 1.5

A strange event takes place - unnoticed by the human population - where the ants on Earth undergo a rapid transformation and become supercharged, so scientists Dr. Hubbs (Nigel Davenport) and James Lesko (Michael Murphy) show up to do research, attempt to eliminate the insects with chemicals (and accidentally kill two residents of the area), find a young lady named Kendra (Lynne Frederick) and try to protect her ... and then realize the hive might be too strong for them.  Visually speaking, it's what you'd expect from one of Hollywood's greatest graphic designers in his only feature-length directorial effort - the up-close shots of the tiny creatures are courtesy of photographer Ken Middleham - but I believe it's better thought of as an accidental nature documentary than a genuine work of science fiction since it's inept at explaining itself in a meaningful way or generating any real drama.  Also, the annoying buzzing and ringing noises on the soundtrack made me think I had tinnitus more than once.