Rare Objects

Director: Katie Holmes
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 0.0

Released from a treatment center for post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety (she also had an abortion) because of a horrible ex-lover, Benita (Julia Mayorga) returns home to live with her mother and gets a job working at an antique store owned by Peter Kessler (Alan Cumming) - later, she becomes reacquainted with rich Diana Van Der Laar (Holmes), who spent time with her at the same facility and is struggling emotionally.  The issue of sexual assault is serious and nothing to take lightly, but this adaptation of Kathleen Tessaro's novel (set in modern times) is endless self-pitying, not to mention glacially paced and with exceptionally trite dialogue.  I respect Ms. Holmes for taking a chance behind the camera, but casting herself as the fragile Diana is unfortunately a misstep on her part.  When it comes down to it, many of us are just broken ceramic coffee cups waiting to be glued together, right?  Sure, fine, whatever you say.