Comanche Station

Director: Budd Boetticher
Year Released: 1960
Rating: 1.5

Bounty hunter Jefferson Cody (Randolph Scott) trades some goods (including a Winchester) to the Comanches for a woman named Nancy Lowe (Nancy Gates) they took captive - on his way to return her to her husband, rogues Ben Lane (Claude Akins), Frank (Skip Homeier) and Dobie (Richard Rust) accompany them but consider killing Cody and Nancy to collect the $5,000 reward.  Despite running at a scant 74 minutes, it feels like this wastes too much time watching the cast ride through an admittedly beautiful California terrain and it's mostly a tiresome waiting game for Ben to turn on Cody.  The final scene answers the question as to why John Lowe (Dyke Johnson) couldn't find his wife himself, but that's the only bit of cleverness in Burt Kennedy's script.  Of all the films in the Ranown Cycle, I believe this is the weakest.