Director: Anthony Hines and Casper Christensen
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.5

Both Charles (Jack Whitehall) and Elaine (Shailene Woodley) have illegal clones of themselves to do various tasks they don't want to - his enables his womanizing ways, hers dupes "dates" out of expensive luxury goods - but when their doubles accidentally meet each other, have marathon sex sessions and head to Mexico (where cyborgs have the same rights as humans), their owners chase after them.  To be fair, it isn't the worst idea for a movie - it's based on a short story by sci-fi writer Robert Sheckley - but instead of ruminating about the potential uses of humanoid-like machines (mine would be going to faculty meetings), it chooses to be an underdeveloped rom-com where you see the moves well in advance: the leads start by bickering and fighting, then eventually band together through adversity and fall in love.  There are a few decent jokes scattered throughout but nothing spectacular - if you've never seen any of Whitehall's stand-up specials, don't let this dissuade you (he's quite good).