Director: Ron Howard
Year Released: 1984
Rating: 2.5

Despondent over his girlfriend leaving him, businessman Allen (Tom Hanks) takes a trip to Cape Cod - where he and his brother Freddie (John Candy) used to vacation as kids - and falls out of a motorboat but saved by a mermaid (Daryl Hannah), who recovers his lost wallet and tracks him down in New York City ... where she's stalked by unethical scientist Dr. Kornbluth (Eugene Levy).  It's essentially the ultimate male fantasy of wanting a gorgeous (and perpetually naked) blonde appearing out of nowhere to want to do nothing but fool around transformed into a family movie (with a PG rating no less!) that lags in the middle when all Hanks and Hannah do is bicker (she has a big secret she refuses to confess, which frustrates him).  The energy picks back up once it turns into a rescue mission ... and panty fetishist (and expert in the cinema of Sweden) Freddie makes a reappearance.  I'm not sure Hans Christian Andersen would have appreciated the conclusion, but I have a feeling Guillermo del Toro was paying attention.