The Covenant

Director: Guy Ritchie
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 2.0

Master Sgt. John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal), in Afghanistan as part of the "War on Terror," gets valuable assistance from interpreter Ahmed (Dar Salim) on a mission to find out where they manufacture "improvised explosive devices" (IEDs), but when Kinley is badly injured in an attack, Ahmed saves his life; back in the States recovering from his wounds, Kinley learns that the Taliban is after Ahmed and his family, so he sneaks into the country as a civilian to extract them.  It makes a relevant point about how the translators risked everything to aid to our soldiers (and that many residents completely despised the terrorists), but it does it in a very Guy Ritchie manner: everyone's trying to act cooler than everyone around them, the "tough bro" banter is stale, logical problems aren't addressed (if Ahmed's brother is so wealthy and connected, why couldn't he sneak him out?) and there is no shortage of violins to play over the violence.  The issue of using "private military contractors" in foreign wars is a troublesome one, but this isn't the type of movie to question their presence.