Evil Dead Rise

Director: Lee Cronin
Year Released: 2023
Rating: 1.0

Aspiring DJ Danny (Morgan Davies), who lives with his single mother Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and sisters Bridget (Gabrielle Echols) and Kassie (Nell Fisher) in a dilapidated building, "accidentally" uncovers the Book of the Dead and three vinyl records after an earthquake hits, plays them ... and mistakenly releases a demonic entity, which torments all of them as well as Ellie's pregnant sister Beth (Lily Sullivan).  Cronin tries carrying over a few of the bits from Sam Raimi's creation (the opening shot with the drone is a nice touch) but it's otherwise lacking in any new ideas (how convenient it is that one of the recordings explains what's happening) and missing the effective dark humor from the original trilogy ... not to mention the weird charisma of Bruce Campbell.  I guess the key takeaway from it is that your family is your worst enemy and they should be shoved into a conveniently placed wood chipper.  No, wait, that can't be right....