Paint Your Wagon

Director: Joshua Logan
Year Released: 1969
Rating: 3.0

Drunkard/gambler/prospector Ben Rumson (Lee Marvin) "saves" a man named "Pardner" (Clint Eastwood) after his wagon crashes, stakes a claim on the land that's flush with gold dust, "accidentally" buys Elizabeth Woodling (Jean Seberg) at an auction (while tanked), she falls in love with "Pardner" and they decide to live as a "throuple" - then, as their town ("No Name City") starts to develop, Ben leads an effort to dig tunnels underneath the buildings to find even more precious metals.  This was widely dismissed when it was first released - Eastwood supposedly called it Cat Ballou II - but decades later I think it's kind of endearing: the fact that the three main characters can make their polyandrous relationship (mostly) work out (with just a little bit of jealousy) is extremely progressive, and the dynamic with Lee and Clint - the former a witty loose cannon, the latter stoic - makes it a fine buddy movie.  The songs from the musical by Lerner and Loewe are sort of iffy (it doesn't help that most of the cast can't sing), with one exception: Harve Presnell (who plays Rotten Luck Willie) doing "They Call the Wind Maria," which is chilling and an all-time classic.