Director: George P. Cosmatos
Year Released: 1986
Rating: 2.0

Axe-clanking maniacs who call themselves "The New World" - with the Night Slasher (Brian Thompson) as their sweaty leader - are determined to kill model Ingrid Knudsen (Brigitte Nielsen) for whatever reason ... and the only rogue cop in the Los Angeles Police Department that can save her is Lieutenant Marion Cobretti (Sylvester Stallone).  The amount of macho posturing going on here makes much of it unintentionally funny and it's never clear what the crazies' exact motive is (I'm assuming they're the Satan-worshipping junkies people were worried about in the 1980's), but it has a bit of style to it: the action scenes pop and the lighting is interesting (one sequence with Cobra duking it out with the baddies is lit by neon).  Personal aside: when I was ten years old I liked this movie a lot so I convinced my parents to buy me a T-shirt with the poster screen-printed on the front that I wore until it actually fell apart.  In other words, impressionable boys who like gun violence and shiny knives are the target audience.