Amazon Women on the Moon

Director: Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, John Landis and Robert K. Weiss
Year Released: 1987
Rating: 1.0

Attempted parody of chintzy late night television shows consists of a variety of skits (which have almost nothing to do with each other) playing around the main "feature," Amazon Women on the Moon, which involves ladies who have never been with men before (there are also dangerous spiders on the prowl).  The segments are mostly awful ("Mondo Condo" with Arsenio Hall, "Hairlooming" with Joe Pantoliano, "Silly Pâté," "Art Sale," etc.) and some have a decent idea but needed further development ("Two I.D.s," "Son of the Invisible Man" with Ed Begley Jr.) but two of them are quite good: "Roast Your Loved One," in which comedians Steve Allen, Rip Taylor, Slappy White and Henny Youngman mock a cadaver at a viewing and "Reckless Youth," where a doctor (Paul Bartel) tells his patient Mary (Carrie Fisher) that she's "impure."  If Russ Meyer ever recommends a movie to you, use extreme caution ... although I am surprised he didn't direct the "Pethouse Video" portion with Monique Gabrielle....